Protective Coatings

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Line-X Protects

LINE-X® has long been known for tough, nearly indestructible spray-on bedliners. What many people don’t know is that because LINE-X is a spray-on protective coating, it can be applied to almost anything. That’s how we’ve built a reputation for durability and long-lasting protection that extends far beyond our bedliners.

LINE-X protective coatings have been used to safeguard bridges, farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, trailers and much more. Our coatings are specialized, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and limitless application potential. Because LINE-X Protective Coatings form permanent bonds at the molecular level, they have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. Whether applied to metal, fiberglass, concrete, plastic, or wood, LINE-X can absorb impact and resist damage by remaining both flexible and strong, without losing adhesion. Thanks to research and product testing in both harsh real-world and laboratory conditions, LINE-X has found chemical combinations that result in specialized attributes and applications. Adaptable and resilient, some of these coatings are rated for fire safety and approved for use in potable water applications.

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Serious protection

The Science Behind LINE-X Performance

LINE-X combines specialized equipment with extensive product developments to yield the right materials, products, and procedures to meet virtually any demand. After decades of research, LINE-X has created a comprehensive coatings portfolio that includes polyurethanes, polyureas, aliphatic, and hybrid coatings. Each coating differs at a molecular level resulting in distinct physical characteristics that are ideal for certain applications and industries. Tensile strength, elongation, hardness, and UV stability are all factors that influence product performance and durability.

Physical Properties

  • No VOCs, 100% solids
  • Fast-cure times, can be sprayed vertically without dripping
  • High “Shore D” hardness rating
  • Tensile strengths up to 6,600 psi
  • UV and color-stable properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • Tear strengths up to and exceeding 780 lbs/in

Corrosion Prevention

LINE-X coatings are designed to create an impenetrable barrier between valuable equipment and nature’s harshest elements, such as high humidity, saltwater, or extreme temperature changes.

Watertight, Seamless Barrier

LINE-X coatings are ideal for secondary containment applications, providing a seamless protective barrier ideal for areas in which petroleum products, chemicals, or harmful environmental contaminates are stored.

Abrasion and Impact Protection

Laboratory tests demonstrate excellent levels of abrasion and impact resistance under just about any severe-use condition. LINE-X outperformed other leading materials, including carbon and stainless steel.

Enhanced Durability

LINE-X permanently bonds to most materials at the molecular level, creating a unique composite unlike any other. Some physical characteristics vary by chemical make-up but each LINE-X coating is engineered to find the perfect balance of strength and flexibility — the secret combination to a highly durable coating.

Case studies

Learn how LINE-X Solutions can successfully adapt to a wide variety of protective applications.

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