Line-X Pro

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300% Tougher

For over 20 years, the name LINE-X® has become synonymous with toughness. This tradition includes LINE-X PRO — an advanced-formula, professional-grade bedliner with exceptional physical specs that make it a whopping 300% tougher than the industry standard.

  • Pure polyurea technology
  • Extreme abrasion and impact resistance
  • 300% tougher
  • Resists staining from harsh chemicals
  • Prevents leaks, rust, and corrosion
  • No cracking, bubbling, or peeling — guaranteed
  • Environmentally friendly — voc-free
  • Sound-dampening, impact-absorbing
  • Lifetime warranty
premium proven protection

Professional Grade

Engineered for strength and durability on the worksite, LINE-X PRO can handle your toughest jobs and roughest hauls.

  • Work trucks
  • Mobile service/repair vehicles
  • Waste removal
  • Hauling or moving services
  • Recycling

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